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Snow Hill Tub
Snow Hill Rick
Snow Hill Kennels Started Dogs
These are our young started dogs. All of these dogs are showing good potential for being good cow dogs. Our definition of started dogs is a dog that will go out on limited outruns and gather calves and bring them to the handler by themselves. They are limited to the commands of down, look back, and a call back. They show good balance and good herding ability. They will flank with body language along with verbal commands. We do not put a lot of pressure on our young dogs but let them learn to work on their own so when they are out of sight and hearing range they can work on their own.

If you have any questions regarding our started dogs do not hesitate to contact us.
Tub is out of Snow Hill Dan and Ford. Tub is about 60 lbs of all cow dog. He is big enough and strong enough to put a young 400+ pound calf on the ground by himself. He works good on cow calf pairs. He was born on 12/14/2009.
Rick is a very leggy strong head dog. He has the potential to be a very great cow dog. Rick is out of JD x  Pearl. He was born in 2/15/2011
Snow Hill Jack
Jack is out of JD x Jen. He is also a littermate Snow Hill Jr and Snow Hill Red. He is a very powerful heading dog with good herding. He has plenty of legs for traveling.